Women of pleasure. What are they?

In escortess profession, as well as in other areas, there is a classification of the workplace.

Elite escort girls. Beautiful, smart and cared-for look women who are hired not only for pleasure of the flesh. They are bought to accompany for business dinners and formal banquets. A lineament of elite women of pleasure is the ability to keep up the ball (maintain conversation), to stop talking at the right time and knowing etiquette in upper-class society. Most of the girls know foreign languages. They emphasize status of men and help to make a profitable deal with foreign partners.

Elite ladies work exclusively through the agency. They undergo regular medical examinations. Having ordered such a lady, a client is sure in safe sex, and is not worried about his purse being stolen or other possible unpleasant situations.

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Hotel girls work exclusively in hotels. The price of their services is lower than elite class girls price. But – be careful! - nobody can guarantee you safe sex.

Streetwalkers. These women are of the lowest price. They work under the supervision of a pimp or independently. Negative of streetwalkers is a high risk of catching a sexually transmitted disease. Medical examinations are held exclusively at the personal wish.

Sauna ladies. Practically every sauna or bath have a woman of easy virtue. You can order their services with call to administrator. Sauna prostitutes are considered to be the upper class among whores. Don’t rely on quality of service and security - it depends on the fortune.

Station prostitutes. In such usually those women work who are descended and lost the appeal of women;  who do not know any other way of making money.

Road prostitutes. These ladies of easy virtue, most often, are residents of nearby villages and settlements where there are no jobs. Hopelessness and lack of money forces them to go to the roads and taking risk to their lives.

Women of pleasure "undercover." This category includes masseuses and strippers, who in addition to standard services, do not object sexual pleasures. For this they can make agreement with saloon, agency or willingly.

Exotic escort girls. To speak shortly – these are foreign women from the countries abroad. Basically, they work with rich customers, who are willing to pay much money for exotic.

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